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C-C Cleaving by Au/TiO2 during Ethanol Oxidation: Understanding Bandgap Photo-Excitation and Plasmon Mediated Charge Transfer via Quantitative In-Situ DRIFTS
25 October 2016

Studies showed that the Au/TiO2 has excellent potential in heterogeneous catalytic oxidation reactions due to localised surface plasmon resonance effect  in the visible and spectral ranga of solar irradiation.

Epitaxial Growth of Au–Pt–Ni Nanorods for Direct High Selectivity H2O2 Production
18 October 2016

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most important chemicals widely used in chemicals industry and mainly manufactured by the anthraquinone method.

Investigating the effect of UV light pre-treatment on the oxygen activation capacity of Au/TiO2
16 October 2016

O2 activation is essential in life processes, in energy conversion (fuel cells), and... read more

High Performance Au–Pd Supported on 3D Hybrid Strontium-Substituted Lanthanum Manganite Perovskite Catalyst for Methane Combustion
15 October 2016

Catalytic combustion of methane is regarded as an efficient way to conventional thermal combustion for energy production.

NSW JCEC Postgraduate Symposium 2016 at UNSW
26 September 2016

UNSW Chemical Engineering PhD student Emma Lovell and U Sydney Chemical Engineering PhD student Iman Manavi have won the JCEC (NSW Joint Chemical Engineering Committee) 2016 Postgraduate Symposium competition.

Image of the month EMU August 2016- Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre
8 September 2016

Congratulations Helena for getting your SEM image selected as EMU image of the month for August 2016.

PhD submission for 4 Partcat students
30 August 2016

Congratulations to four Partcat students: Eeteng Kho, Emma Lovell,... read more
30 August 2016

With 193 reads this week (total reads of 21,439), Professor Rose Amal is the most read author in the department according to Research Gate.

Understanding, Monitoring, and Controlling Biofilm Growth in Drinking Water Distribution Systems
17 August 2016

This critical review published in Environmental Science and Technology journal is expected to provide insights into the susceptibility of water distribution systems to biofilm growth, featuring the potential for manipulation operational parameters as well as the selection of the right... read more


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