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Functions in cooperation for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction: the independent roles of oxygen and nitrogen sites in metal-free nanocarbon and their functional synergy
7 February 2017

Our recently published article in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A which revealed on how the heteroatom-doped nanocarbons behave in the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) has been selected as Hot Article for 2017 web collection for the journal.

Developing a chloramine decay index to understand nitrification: A case study of two chloraminated drinking water distribution systems
19 December 2016

The management of chloramine decay and the prevention of nitrification are some of the critical issues faced by water utilities that use chloramine as a disinfectant.

Epitaxial Growth of Au–Pt–Ni Nanorods for Direct High Selectivity H2O2 Production
16 December 2016

In this latest work, which is featured as Front Cover in Advanced Materials vol 28 issue 45, our group explored the Au-Pt-Ni core-sandwich shell nanorods for high... read more

Manipulating ceria-titania binary oxide features and their impact as nickel catalyst supports for low temperature steam reforming of methane
30 November 2016

This paper examined the impact of the reducible mixed oxides of titanium with cerium properties as a support for nickel-catalysed low temperature steam reforming of methane.

Investigating the effect of UV light pre-treatment on the oxygen activation capacity of Au/TiO2
23 November 2016

Our work on 'The effect of UV light pre-treatment on the oxygen activation capacity of Au/TiO2" was selected to be featured as front cover in the latest issue of Catalysis Science & Technology journal (Impact Factor: 5.287).

South Australian Water awards 2016
21 November 2016

A PhD student from PARTCAT: Mr Sina Moradi has been awarded the Hodgson Student award 2016 by the Australian Water Association last Friday, 18th November at the SA Water Awards Dinner.

Dr Yiming Tang and Dr Ayu Liana
11 November 2016

Warm congratulations to Yiming and Ayu on your graduation day. 

ARC 2016/2017 funding outcomes
3 November 2016

In the latest round of federal research funding announced on Tuesday, 1 November, UNSW received 88 Discovery Project grants worth $32 million, 21 Discovery Early Career Research Awards (DECRA) worth over $7.5 million and 3 Linkage, Infrastrucrure, Equipment and Facilities grants (LIEF) worth $2.... read more

Iron Complex Facilitated Copper Redox Cycling for Nitric Oxide Generation as Nontoxic Nitrifying Biofilm Inhibitor
31 October 2016

The water industries identify that there is a clear need for the development of novel antibiofilm technology capable of suppression of biofilm formation. The work presented in this paper highlights the development of self-sustained antibiofilm materials that features potential for industrial... read more

C-C Cleaving by Au/TiO2 during Ethanol Oxidation: Understanding Bandgap Photo-Excitation and Plasmon Mediated Charge Transfer via Quantitative In-Situ DRIFTS
25 October 2016

Studies showed that the Au/TiO2 has excellent potential in heterogeneous catalytic oxidation reactions due to localised surface plasmon resonance effect  in the visible and spectral ranga of solar irradiation.


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