Chen Deng

Chen Deng
TETB 364WS09

Academic Qualification:

2016.03-present: PhD Candidate, Chemical Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney

2013.09-2016.01: Master Degree in Chemical Engineering and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing

2009.09-2013.06: Bachelor Degree in Pharmaceutical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing


Title: High Performance Non-Precious Metal Electrocatalysts Supported on Ceramic Materials for Several Important Reactions in Renewable Energy Technology

Abstract: Worldwide concerns on environment and energy have invoked tremendous efforts on exploring green energy technologies over past few years. To tackle with those problems, electrochemistry would play a vital role, particularly in the reversible and regenerative conversion and storage of electricity with chemical energy. Ceramic materials have been paid much attention because of intrinsic properties. This project aims to synthesize various carbides or nitrides subtract, or synthesize various metal organic framework analogue materials to load different metal atoms to catalyst several important reactions in renewable energy technology.

Awards and Achievements:

  • 2016UNSW Tuition Fee Scholarships


  • Dr Da-Wei Wang

  • Prof Rose Amal


  • Dr Jason Anthony Scott