Facile Synthesis of 3D Porous Perovskite from Dual Colloidal Crystal/Block Copolymer Template Approach

Ordered mesoporous material, which arose in the early 1990s, is rapidly developing as an interdisciplinary research focus. This kind of material has not only brought in a class with large and uniform pore size (1.5-50nm), high regularity of nanopores, large surface area and the liquid crystal template mesostructure, but also put forward the concept in designing periodically arranged organic-inorganic nanoarrays.

Students interested in a higher research degree are welcome to contact us and discuss the opportunities we have available. We invite highly motivated young scientists to apply for PhD program positions. We are looking for chemical engineers with a strong background heterogeneous catalysis. To contribute their expertise and dealing with the synthesis, characterization and use of catalytic solids with unique structure and function. As part of an international, interdisciplinary research team your tasks will be:

  • Synthesis, characterization and testing of new heterogeneous catalysts
  • Development and optimization of new preparation process & understanding related activity performance
  • Communicating the results to the project partners and the scientific community

Mesoporous materials

Ability to develop and implement new research ideas, and to design and perform advanced experiments; Strong motivation and ability to work independently. Ability to develop and implement new research ideas, and to design and perform advanced experiments; Experience in the synthesis of nanostructured mesoporous materials, or similar materials; Familiarity with SEM, TEM, BET, XRD, XPS, NMR, Raman, FTIR, and other characterization techniques.

Student undertaking this project will be working within the Particle and Catalysis Research Group under the supervision of Dr. Hamid Arandiyan and Prof. Rose Amal. For more information, contact Professor Rose Amal: r.amal@unsw.edu.au 


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