Flat polymers for electrochemical energy storage

Supervisory team: Dr Dawei Wang and Dr Kuang Hsu Wu

Description: Graphene is the starring matter in the field of flat 2-dimensional materials. Its amazing electronic, optical, mechanical and quantum properties have led to many exciting new discoveries. Inspired of graphene, there has been an exciting wave of research into the field of flat materials and chemistry.

Our group has devised the flat conducting polymers through molecular self-assembly and reported its unique properties for the electrochemical energy storage. More details can be found from our recent paper (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405829718300606). Combining the tailored layered structure and the dual-conduction mechanism, this material has become a potent candidate for advanced capacitors and batteries. This project will focus on the mechanism understanding of the flat conductive polymer in electrochemical processes.
Versatile characterization methods (XRS, FTIR, EQCM, TEM, ect.) will be adopted.
Successful applicant to this project will work within a team including the academic supervisor, postdoctoral research fellow and PhD students.

Expected Outcome:
The project will allow students to work in a team to develop solutions to an elusive real world problem. The research is expected to lead to a publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Significant improvement in catalyst performance may even lead to a start-up company! The project will train students in synthesis, characterization and activity testing techniques, preparing for future career in industry and/or higher degree research.

Suitable for: Chemical Engineers and Industrial Chemistry students. 

Level of difficulty: Challenging

Reference: please contact Dr Da-Wei Wang (da-wei.wang@unsw.edu.au) for reference and if you have any questions.