Honours Projects

PARTCAT core team

The Particle and Catalyst Research Laboratory offers a number of Honours projects in 2016/2017 for 4th year student to choose from. These projects ranging from synthesis and design of novel functional material  to system design for energy and environmental application.

The projects listed here are available for students doing Thesis A followed by Thesis B in 2017 (will be updated from time to time).

If you have any questions or are interested to do Honours projects with us, please contact relevant supervisor in each project.

If you would like to find out more about other available projects in PARTCAT, please contact Prof Rose Amal (r.amal@unsw.edu.au) or Dr Jason Scott (jason.scott@unsw.edu.au), or Dr Yun Hau Ng (yh.ng@unsw.edu.au) or Dr Dawei Wang (da-wei.wang@unsw.edu.au)

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Scholarship opportunities

The Partcat thesis scholarship is a new scholarship to be offered in 2017 to assist a student with an interest and passion in energy and environment related technology to undertake Honours research in the PARTCAT group. It is open to all 3rd year students (local and international) currently enrolled in Chemical Engineering or Industrial Chemistry who will do Thesis A followed by Thesis B in 2017. The winner will be awarded a $1000 scholarship (received upon thesis completion) as well as a certificate of recognition. To apply, send us your CV along with a current academic transcript and tell us, in less than 200 words, the project that you would like to do and why you chose it.

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