Congratulations to ARC Grants Recipients - Dr Dawei Wang (DP) and Dr Jian Pan (DECRA)

November 2018 ARC Grants recipient
Dr Dawei Wang and Dr Jian Pan - 2018 ARC Grants recipient

Congratulations to Dr Dawei Wang and Dr Jian Pan on their success in the latest ARC Discovery Project round.

Dr Dawei Wang and his team (Dr Kang Liang, Dr Aditya Rawal and Prof Quan-Hong Yang) was awarded $436,000 for their project to create redox-sensitised ion-accessible dense graphene to improve the energy density of supercapacitors (SCs). The energy density of SCs is a bottle neck for long-lasting power supply to vehicles, small devices and mobile electronics. By incorporating a redox coordination framework in shrunk graphene to increase the charge storage capacity and speed up the charge movement and further incorporating ionic liquids in the tailored electrodes, the project will produce SC's with higher operating voltage and longer cycle life. Such SCs will possess dramatically high energy density, without compromising the power density. This project will improve the efficiency of modern electronics through the development of the next generation of SCs.

Dr Jian Pan was awarded $398,000 for his project  to develop a highly efficient gas-phase photo-electrocatalytic process for converting carbon dioxide into high-value chemicals or fuels, through an integrated dual-chamber system. The project expects to use this new system to simplify the catalysis process and precisely control the reaction conditions, in order to investigate the reaction mechanism of carbon dioxide reduction and develop innovative photocatalysts and electrocatalysts. Successful implementation of this project should yield fundamental new knowledge in catalysis and material areas, promote the study of carbon dioxide recycle use to confront the worldwide environmental issues and energy crisis.