Fabricating high performance nanohybrid catalysts

The controlled disassembly of mesostructured perovskites as an avenue to fabricating high performance nanohybrid catalysts
Schematic illustration depicting synthesis of the 3D-hm LSMO catalysts Read more: Fabricating high performance nanohybrid catalysts

A number of studies on the preparation of versatiles superstructure of perovskite catalyst using various disassembly methods to replace nobel metal supported catalysts for methane oxidation have been reported in literature. However, little is know on how the structural disassembly influences the catalytic performances of the materials. In the recent issue published in Nature Communications, Prof Rose Amal and her team describes a simple fragmentation method to synthesise a novel three-dimensional hexapod mesostructure LSMO perovskite. Powerful characteristation techniques were coupled with theoretical calculations to define the manner by which the improved configuration promotes the methane combustion reaction. This work was completed from collaborative work with IMDC, Curtin University and Beijing University of Technology.

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To view the published article, go to Nature Communications (doi:10.1038/ncomms15553 )