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Plasmon enhanced selective electronic pathways in TiO2 supported atomically ordered bimetallic Au-Cu alloys
Selective electronic pathways in TiO2 supported Au-Cu bimetallic alloy.

In our latest work in Journal of Catalysis, we investigate the mechanisms involved in plasmon enhanced selective oxidation by Au-Cu/TiO2. Using sophisticated techniques such as in-situ Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transformed Spectroscopy (DRIFTS) and X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), we were able to capture the selective electronic interaction between Au and Cu in action, facilitated by atomically ordered Au-Cu arrays. The strong Au – Cu interaction at low temperature (< 175oC) effectively blocks C – C cleavage by the Au – TiO2 interface, leading to 800% photo-enhancement for selective ethanol oxidation to acetaldehyde under visible light illumination. The work suggests that LSPR photo-enhancement is defined by the inherent electronic interactions within the bimetallic alloy and is facilitated by atomically ordering of the Au-Cu arrays. As such, in addition to performance enhancement, LSPR photo-enhancement can be used in combination with other characterisation techniques to ascertain the selective electronic pathways in bimetallic catalysts


Read more at J. Catalysis (2017), 352, p368-648