Most active non Platinum electrode in alkaline media with outstanding HER performance

Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanosheets Coupled Nickel–Carbon Pyramid Arrays Toward Efficient Evolution of Hydrogen
An efficient hydrogen electrode was fabricated based on earth abundant materials

Our work recently published in Advanced Sustainable Systems showed for the first time a novel catalyst materials that comprises of Nitrogen doped carbon nanosheet (N-C) coated Nickel-carbon (Ni-C) pyramid arrays on a Ni foam current collector (N-C/Ni-C/Ni-F). The prepared catalyst bears a set of desirable properties toward HER electrocatalysis, and has the potential to be used as the cathode in the commercial water electrolyzers. Upon testing, the electrode can initiate HER with negligible overpotential (~ 0 mV), achieve a high current density of 100mA cm-2 at an overpotential of merely 28 mV, while exhibiting exceptional stability upon prolonged usage (>300 hours). It is even comparable to the benchmarked platinum carbon catalyst and is definitely a revolutionary non-platinum HER catalyst in alkaline media.

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