Never run out of battery again while on the go

An Operando Mechanistic Evaluation of a Solar-Rechargeable Sodium-Ion Intercalation Battery
Solar battery technology that directly charge using light from any source

Our researcher has underpinned the revolutionary development in the solar battery technology research, where it is possible to solar charge battery withoug having to mount solar panels on to the battery or the device. The solar-charged battery operates on the same technology as the current state-of-art alkali-ion battery where alkali-ions shuttle between two open-structured battery electrodes during the charge and discharge processes. Rather than using the power supply to charge the battery, the solar-chargeable battery utilises light energy to drive the movement of the alkali-ions between the electrodes in the charging process. The findings has recently published in Advanced Energy Materials.  

This revolutionary fundamental research is done in close collaboration iwith UNSW School of Chemistry, through the development of an operando synchrotron-based X-ray Diffraction method and novel photoelectrochemical cell. The system allows for the dynamic structural change of the solar battery electrodes from the photo-intercalation reactions to be visualised in real-time and under the working conditions of the solar battery.

Read more about this article from School of Chemical Engineering research news or read the findings in Adv. Energy Materials

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