Yanglansen Cui

Cuiyang lansen

Academic Qualifications
2015-Present : PhD candidate, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
2014              : BSc, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, P.R.China

Project Title: Graphene-based Three-Dimensional Materials for Energy Storage and Energy Conversion
In this project, graphene is assembled with other two-dimensional materials to form the three-dimensional networks which can be used as electrode material in lithium-sulphur batteries and as catalyst in fuel cells.

Awards and achievements
09/2015-09/2019: China Scholarship Council/TFS Scholarship

Ranran Song, Huaihe Song, Xiaohong Chen, Yanglansen Cui, Jisheng Zhou, Su Zhang. Effects of copper nitrate addition on the pore property and lithium storage performance of hierarchical porous carbon nanosheets from phenolic resin, Electrochimica Acta, 127 (2014), pp. 186–192.

Prof Rose Amal
Dr Jimmy Yun
Dr Dawei Wang