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National Excellent Self-funded Overseas Students Scholarship 2017
4 June 2018

Congratulations to Helena Yuan Wang for receiving the 2017 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Abroad.

A Li-ion sulfur full cell with ambient resistant Al-Li alloy anode
23 April 2018

In this paper, Sun et al reported their work on a rechargeable Al-Li alloy/SPAN battery with a high voltage of 1.5 V constructed using an Al-Li alloy anode, a polymeric sulfur cathode, and a lithium ion electrolyte.

Plasmon TOC_rz
6 April 2018

The study recently published in Chem. Eng. Science, is aiming to explore the effect of plasmonic enhancement to the role of Ni-Au bimetallic catalysts for CO2 reduction and methanation. Lovell, et.

Role of support in photothermal carbon dioxide hydrogenation catalysed by Ni/CexTiyO2
27 March 2018

This paper reports the investigation on the roles of light and catalyst support of nickel supported on varied ratios of mixed ceria and titania, Ni/CexTiyO2 catalyst in the photothermal methanation of CO2. The research considers in-depth the Ni/CexTiyO2 system for the purpose of understanding... read more

Layered conductive polymer-inorganic anion network for high-performance ultra-loading capacitive electrodes
27 March 2018

In the recent paper published in Energy Storage Materials, we reported a conducting layered organic-inorganic hybrid material, which is named as tungstate linked... read more

Chemical Society of Japan - Distinguished Lectureship Award 2018
26 March 2018

The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) which started 130 years ago and has a membership exceeding 34,000, is one of the most affluent academic societies in Japan, covering most areas of pure and applied chemistry.

ACS Appl. Mat. Inter. 2018, DOI:  10.1021/acsami.7b17856
7 March 2018

Studies has shown that photogenerated electrons and holes can be directed toward specific crystal facets of a semiconductor particle, which is believed to arise from differences in their surface electronic structures, suggesting that different facets can act as either photo-reduction or photo-... read more

ChemCatChem 2018 (10)1 p287-295
7 March 2018

This work takes on our earlier research on UV light pre-treatment and motivated by the potential benefits associated with utilizing visible light in our system, by exploitation of the Localised Surface Plasmon Resonance effect arising from Au to generate free electrons, which are... read more

Frontispiece in Advanced Energy Materials 19/2017
14 November 2017

In this article featured as Frontispiece in Advanced Energy Materials, we undertake for the first time a mechanistic evaluation of the light-induced ion intercalation process that occurs in... read more

A review on photo-thermal catalytic conversion of carbon dioxide
5 September 2017

Carbon dioxide emission is driven by our incessant craving for a better quality of life and the consequent urbanisation and economic growth, which lead to ever growing energy demand. Hansen et al.


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