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The controlled disassembly of mesostructured perovskites as an avenue to fabricating high performance nanohybrid catalysts
5 June 2017

A number of studies on the preparation of versatiles superstructure of perovskite catalyst using various disassembly methods to replace nobel metal supported catalysts for methane oxidation have been reported in literature.

Recent Advances in Ordered Meso/macroporous Metal Oxides for Heterogeneous Catalysis: A Review
18 May 2017

Over the past decades, porous materials with high surface area have gained considerable attention from both scientific and technological communities due to their capacity to interact with molecules, ions, and atoms not only at the external surface, but also within the interior surface of the... read more

Improving the photo-oxidative capability of BiOBr via crystal facet engineering
17 May 2017

Charge separation within a semiconductor plays a critical role in defining photocatalytic activity. Material modification methods including doping, co-catalyst addition and crystal facet manipulation have been used to promote electron/hole separation and improve photocatalytic activity.

Light, Catalyst, Activation Boosting catalytic oxygen activation using a light pretreatment approach
8 May 2017

In recently published article in ACS Catalysis, our researcher in collaboration with the Integrated Materials Design Centre, showed that light pre-treatment of Platinum loaded onto TiO2 nanoparticles can boost catalytic oxygen activation.

FameLab NSW semi-final 2017
4 April 2017

We could not be more proud than ever! Two of the 12 candidates to compete tomorrow in the FameLab NSW semi-final are Partcat researchers: Rahman Daiyan and Dr Emma Lovell... read more

Famelab 2017
22 March 2017

Rising levels of CO2 accumulation in the atmosphere has attracted considerable interest in technologies capable of CO2 capture, storage and conversion.

Photo-driven synthesis of polymer-coated platinized ZnO nanoparticles with enhanced photoelectrochemical charge transportation
14 March 2017

ZnO as semiconductor photocatalyst have received a lot more attention lately due to its higher electron mobility as well as charge diffusion coefficient compared to TiO2.

Highly Selective Conversion of CO2 to CO Achieved by a Three-Dimensional Porous Silver Electrocatalyst
14 February 2017

One of the common problem in using electrocatalyst in the CO2 reduction process is a trade-off between product selectivity and product generation rate, where Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and CO2RRR compete with each other.

Monolithic Integration of Anodic Molybdenum Oxide Pseudocapacitive Electrodes on Screen-Printed Silicon Solar Cells for Hybrid Energy Harvesting-Storage Systems
14 February 2017

In this recently published communication, our researchers report a novel hybrid energy harvesting-storage architecture consisting of anodic amorphous MoOx (a-MoOx) pseudocapacitive electrode monolithically integrated on the rear Al electrode of an industrial screen-printed Si soalr cell.  The c-... read more


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