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TiO2/porous adsorbents: Recent advances and novel applications
17 August 2017

After almost 40 years of research and study on photocatalysis, its practical application is still limited, mainly due to its slow kinetics and the challenges associated with reactor design.

Flame spray pyrolysis-designed silica/ceria-zirconia supports for the carbon dioxide reforming of methane
11 August 2017

The carbon dioxide reforming of methane (DRM) which has the ability to consume carbon dioxide and convert methane to synthesis gas which can then be transformed to synthetic fuels such as diesel and methanol is one solution to address the presence of CO2 in the environment.

Plasmon enhanced selective electronic pathways in TiO2 supported atomically ordered bimetallic Au-Cu alloys
1 August 2017

In our latest work in Journal of Catalysis, we investigate the mechanisms involved in plasmon enhanced selective oxidation by Au-Cu/TiO2.

Nitrogen Doped Carbon Nanosheets Coupled Nickel–Carbon Pyramid Arrays Toward Efficient Evolution of Hydrogen
25 July 2017

Our work recently published in Advanced Sustainable Systems showed for the first time a novel catalyst... read more

An Operando Mechanistic Evaluation of a Solar-Rechargeable Sodium-Ion Intercalation Battery
15 July 2017

Our researcher has underpinned the revolutionary development in the solar battery technology research, where it is possible to solar charge battery withoug having to mount solar panels on to the battery or the device.

Estimating NDMA Formation in a Distribution System Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
5 July 2017

The occurence of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) as disinfection by-product (DBPs) in drinking water distribution system has attarcated significant attention due to its potential to be a human carcinogen.

The controlled disassembly of mesostructured perovskites as an avenue to fabricating high performance nanohybrid catalysts
5 June 2017

A number of studies on the preparation of versatiles superstructure of perovskite catalyst using various disassembly methods to replace nobel metal supported catalysts for methane oxidation have been reported in literature.

Recent Advances in Ordered Meso/macroporous Metal Oxides for Heterogeneous Catalysis: A Review
18 May 2017

Over the past decades, porous materials with high surface area have gained considerable attention from both scientific and technological communities due to their capacity to interact with molecules, ions, and atoms not only at the external surface, but also within the interior surface of the... read more

Improving the photo-oxidative capability of BiOBr via crystal facet engineering
17 May 2017

Charge separation within a semiconductor plays a critical role in defining photocatalytic activity. Material modification methods including doping, co-catalyst addition and crystal facet manipulation have been used to promote electron/hole separation and improve photocatalytic activity.


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