Development on biosensor for targeted separation and rapid detection for use in complex sample matrices

Sensing applications

The project revolves around the preparation of gold coated magnetite nanoparticles with the ability to detect and capture relevant biomedical and environmental analytes. Past project involved the development of ‘dispersible electrodes’ for electrochemical detection of Cu2+ with low detection limits and fast response times.

Selected publications from this work:

Current project:

More often than not, harmful bacteria are present at a very low level in a complex food medium that contains myriad of minerals, fats, proteins, and other solids. Such interferences introduce profound challenges into bacteria extraction and identification.

This research will focus on developing extraction system by using magnetic nanoparticles and bacteria virus to capture concentrate harmful bacteria.






        Ayu Liana
        May Lim
        Rose Amal
        Justin Gooding
        Christopher Marquis