Electrochemical Processing of Biomass for Commodity Chemical Compounds and H2 gas

Supervisor: Dr Nick Bedford


The selective conversion of hydrocarbons from biomass to fuels and commodity chemicals is of critical importance to minimize our reliance on non-renewable resources.  Current processes use heterogeneous catalytic reactions that often result in selectivity and/or conversion that is too low for practical implementation.  This project focuses on an alternative approach by employing electrocatalysis for biomass conversion and simultaneous hydrogen production.  Prospective students will be tasked with the synthesis and catalytic testing of various nanomaterials.

Prospective students in the Chemical Engineering or Food Science and Technology should have the appropriate background to perform in this research project.  Interested students should contact Dr. Nicholas Bedford (n.bedford@unsw.edu.au) for more information.

Suitable for: Chemical Engineers and Food Scientist

Level of difficulty: Average