Ion kinetics in electrochemical energy conversion and storage process

Project Summary:
Using experimental techniques to observe ion kinetics and mass transport at real-time could provide an extra dimension of understanding the electrochemical processes, thereby leading to the development of more efficient energy conversion and storage systems. This project will use electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM) as a powerful technique to investigate the dynamics of ion and mass transport. EQCM measures the shift in resonant frequency of quartz crystals, which can then be correlated to the mass change on the surface. As such, the amount of ions or reaction intermediates inserted into or departed from the electrode can be probed at a high sensitivity. The project will include
• preparation of a range of noble and transition metal catalysts
• evaluation of electrocatalytic HER and OER performances
• analyses of real-time electrocatalytic processes by EQCM
• understanding of electrocatalytic processes combined with theoretical simulations

Key techniques: (projects can be adjusted based on interest and experience) EQCM, energy storage, energy conversion, carbon, catalysis

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