Call for special issue in MATERIALS (open access): Materials for Light-Assisted Catalytic Reactions

Special Issue in Materials Materials for Light-Assisted Catalytic Reactions)
Call for submission - special issue

Call for submission to special issue in MATERIALS (an open access journal) with special guest co-editors: A/Prof Jason Scott and Dr Emma Lovell. This Special Issue will address recent research in the field of materials development for light-assisted heterogeneous catalysis, where the light acts either directly as the heat source (photothermal) or complements the thermal provision of heat (photo-and-thermal). It is distinct from photocatalysis, as catalytic activity does not rely solely on the semiconducting properties of the support. The Editors welcome articles on light-absorbing (for heating purposes) catalysts/supports, plasmonic catalysts and other catalyst systems which function using combined light and thermal inputs. There are no restrictions to the nature of the catalyst preparation method nor the reaction to which the catalyst is applied. 

For more information please download our flyer (deadline of submission 31 October 2021)