Congratulations to Dr Priyank Kumar and Dr Ruopian Fang - new 2021 ARC DECRA Fellows

ARC DECRA Fellow 2021
2021 ARC DECRA Fellow - Dr Priyank Kumar and Dr Ruopian Fang

Congratulations Dr Priyank Kumar and Dr Ruopian Fang - Both are the successful recipient of the newly awarded ARC DECRA Fellow for 2021, announced on Wed, 3 Nov 2020. See ARC news.

Dr Priyank Kumar who joined UNSW in 2019 as a Scientia Fellow is awarded $360K for the projet to rationally design an efficient plasmonic photocatalyst utilizing state-of-the-art ab initio computations. The project is expected to provide insights on various atomic-level reactions steps involved and consequently develop a set of catalyst  design principles to guide expeirments. Prior to joining the School of Chemical Engineering, Dr Kumar was a postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich Switzerland and this was how he developed his interest in plasmonic photocatalysis. Dr Priyank Kumar has a number of PhD projects available: and can be contacted via 

Dr Ruopian Fang (Sophie) completed her PhD from Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Science in 2018 and then joined School of Chemical Engineering at UNSW under guidance of A/Prof Dawei Wang. Her ARC DECRA fellowship aims to overcome the performance bottlenecks of lithium metal anodes through carbon nano-tectonics for next-generation lithium batteries. The research is expected to produce new-concept lithium metal batteries with high capacity, safety and durability, along with molecular-level understanding of lithium redox processes and to promote the development of future electronics, vehicles and grid with zero-emission high-energy technologies. Dr Ruopian Fang can be contacted via