How to push the efficiency of CO2RR beyond the economic threshold for industrial commercialization ?

Schematic diagram on selective electrochemical CO2RR using reconstructed catalyst with tunable properties
Reconstructing Cu Nanoparticle Supported on Vertical Graphene Surfaces via Electrochemical Treatment to Tune the Selectivity of CO2 Reduction toward Valuable Products

In order to deliver the net zero carbon ambition, several attempts have been conducted, including pushing the efficiency of CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR) beyond the economic threshold for industrial commercialization. Therefore, reconstructing an active catalyst with tunable properties (e.g., selectivity to valuable products) is essential.

Our recent article published in ACS Catalysis reported a reduction−oxidation−reduction (ROR) electrochemical treatment to reconstruct copper nanoparticles on vertical graphene that enhanced the CO2RR activity, while the selectivity of the products was tuned by varying the oxidation potential. This work covers combination of both ex-situ and in-situ characterizations, and supported by theoretical calculation.

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