Review paper on understanding the heat-light synergy as guidance for rational photo-thermal catalyst design for CO2 utilisation

Emerging material engineering strategies for amplifying photothermal heterogeneous CO2 catalysis
A fundamental understanding of basic driving forces and the role of light in photothermal CO2 catalysis

One promising route to tackle climate change is through exploiting solar energy to drive catalytic reactions for utilising CO2 and converting them into useful products. Whilst there are many pathways to harness solar energy and valorize CO2, the progress is limited due to lack of understanding of property-performance relations as well as feasible material engineering approaches. In this review paper, we explored various driving forces involved in photothermal CO2 catalysis and offering a comprehensive heat-light synergy and guidance for rational photothermal catalyst design for CO2 utilisation.

Driving forces of photothermal CO2 catalysis

Read full paper here: Journal of Energy Chemistry, 59, Aug 2021, 108-125 or contact authors: Prof Rose Amal ( or Dr Emma Lovell (