Next generation supercapacitors and related materials

Project Description

This research will solve the long-lasting challenge with all types of energy storage technologies, which is the decoupling of power and energy densities. This research will ultimately provide a new energy storage solution that couples excellent power and energy performances in a single device - next generation supercapacitors. The innovations lie in both fundamental materials design and technological device advancements. This new generation supercapacitors will become a game changer to the EV, portable electronics, railway/aircraft electrification markets.


Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidates should possess proficient writing and speaking skills of English and demonstrated track record of competitive research capability (such as first-authored peer reviewed journal publications). The candidate should have H1 or Master by Research degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or Materials Science, and master basic electrochemical engineering techniques, materials characterisation techniques, data analysis and simulation tools, and have at least one-year full-time lab experience. The candidate is expected with good independence, critical thinking capacity, and a good team player.


Supervisory team: A/Prof Dawei Wang, A/Prof Alison Lennon, and Dr Aditya Rawal


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