PartCat Lab Operation Roster (effective 26 March)

Please find below some important information regarding working in PartCat Lab in the next two months. Ideally, everyone is encouraged to work from home if practical, but should you need to come and do some experiments, please ensure that you are aware of the following information.

 PartCat Staff Roster


Contact details of PartCat staff:



Contact phone number


0416 679 888


0468 877 665


0425 699 367


0450 512 628


0406 187 805

Cui Ying

0426 030 262


0414 986 408


0404 507 616


0413 143 596


0410 417 359


PartCat General Lab Shutdown Procedure: 

  1. Stop experiment. Shutdown computer and other accessories.
  2. Turn off wall power supply.
  3. Clean and dispose all chemicals from work areas (do not leave chemicals lying around).
  4. Shut off gas supplies at wall quickfit connections.
  5. Turn off main valves to all gas cylinders in the outside bays (do not disconnect tubings).
  6. Evacuate from laboratory orderly.


PARTCAT Daily Self-Report Sign Up Sheet

If you plan to work in TETB (whether in HDR area or in the Lab), please record yourself in the sign up sheet. As the office and lab are operating under minimum supervision, it is important to know who are in the office space and in the lab at any given time - should there be any case, this can be handled effectively.

Please mark yourself here: 


THANK YOU for your cooperation