Nicholas Bedford

Nick Bedford
School of Chemical Engineering
Contact details:
9385 7518

Hilmer building room 619

Nicholas Bedford received a BS degrees in Chemistry and Physics from Central Michigan University in 2007 and a PhD in Materials Science in 2011 from the University of Cincinnati. After his graduate studies, he held a NRC postdoctoral appointment at the Air Force Research Laboratory from 2012-2014 and a PREP postdoctoral appointment at the National Institute of Technology from 2014-2016.  Following his postdoctoral positions, he took a staff position at the Air Force Research Laboratory, first in a contractor role then as a civilian employee.  Nicholas Bedford joined UNSW in 2018, where he leads a research program dedicated to nanomaterials design through structure/function relationship development.

Current Research Interests:

  • Understanding synthesis-structure-property relationships in nanoscale materials
  • Synchrotron radiation characterization (HE-XRD, atomic PDF analysis, XANES, EXAFS, NEXAFS, and so on..) and in-situ technique development
  • Catalysis, particularly reactions related to alternative energy
  • Engineered bio-enabled nanomaterials

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Multiple scholarship opportunities are available under supervision of Dr. Bedford broadly in the area nanocatalyst via bio-inspired methods. Please email Dr. Bedford for details.

An additional opportunity is available in collaboration with CSIRO on the fusion of machine learning/artificial intelligence with atomic-scale synchrotron structural characterization. The scholarship provides an additional $7,000 on top of the base scholarship, along with at $10,000 per year budget for expenses. For more details please click here.