Thanh Son Bui

Thanh Son
PhD Candidate
TETB Room 307

Academic Qualification:

  • 2021 - present: PhD Candidates in Chemical Engineering, University of New South Wales(UNSW Sydney), Sydney, Australia.
  • 2018 - 2020: M.Eng (Research) in Environmental Engineering, University of Ulsan (UoU), Ulsan, South Korea.
  • 2009 - 2014: B.Eng in Environmental Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), Hanoi, Vietnam.

Awards and Achievements:

  • UNSW International Postgraduate Award Scholarship (2021) awarded by UNSW.
  • Outstanding Student Award (2020) awarded by Brain Korea 21 Program PLUS, Korea.
  • AF-1 Scholarship (2018) awarded by University of Ulsan, Korea.
  • BK21 Plus Fellowship (2018) awarded by University of Ulsan, Korea.
  • Consolation Prize at “Student’s Research Symposium” (2014) by HUST, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Project title: Catalyst Design for the Alkaline Reduction of Nitrate to Ammonia

Ammonia (NH3) show great potential as a next-generation energy carrier due to its high energy density and clean emissions. Nonetheless, the downside to the existing industrial ammonia synthesis, Haber-Bosch, is the high carbon dioxide emissions and tremendous amounts of energy usage. In this context, electrochemical NH3 synthesis from nitrate reduction (NO3-RR) has recently appeared to be a promising route. This project aims to develop high-efficiency electrocatalysts via a controllable synthetic procedure for ammonia production. The identification of electrocatalytic active sites and elucidation of the reaction mechanism of NO3-RR would be in-depth investigated in  this project.


List of publications:

  1. Bui, T. S., Bansal, P., Lee, B. K., Mahvelati-Shamsabadi, T., & Soltani, T. (2020). Facile fabrication of novel Ba-doped g-C3N4 photocatalyst with remarkably enhanced photocatalytic activity towards tetracycline elimination under visible-light irradiation. Applied Surface Science, 506, 144184.
  2. Bansal, P., Bui, T. S., & Lee, B. K. (2020). Potential applications of ASR fly ash in photo-Fenton like process for the degradation of tetracycline at neutral pH: Fixed-bed approach. Chemical Engineering Journal, 391, 123509.
  3. Nguyen-Dinh, M. T. #, Bui, T. S.#, Bansal, P., Jourshabani, M., & Lee, B. K. (2021). Photocatalytic and photo-electrochemical behavior of novel SnO2-modified-g-C3N4 for complete elimination of tetracycline under visible-light irradiation: Slurry and fixed-bed approach. Separation and Purification Technology, 267, 118607.
  4. Hoang, V. C. #, Bui, T. S. #, Nguyen, H. T., Hoang, T. T., Rahman, G., Le, Q. V., & Nguyen, D. L. T. (2021). Solar-driven conversion of carbon dioxide over nanostructured metal-based catalysts in alternative approaches: Fundamental mechanisms and recent progress. Environmental Research, 202, 111781.
  5. Nguyen-Dinh, M. T., Bui, T. S., Lee, B. K., & Masoumi, Z. (2022). Superhydrophobic MS@ CuO@ SA sponge for oil/water separation with excellent durability and reusability. Chemosphere, 292, 133328.

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