Waste biomass to renewable Hydrogen

Competitive Advantage:

  • Preconditioned biomass (from raw biomass stream) can be obtained at very low cost;
  • Electrocatalytic hydrogen extraction from pre-conditioned biomass is generally easier than water electrolysis;
  • It is selective, delivers zero carbon dioxide emissions and can produce value-added organic products with potential to be used as precursors for plastic fabrication     


  • Competitive energy production by utilising waste to produce renewable hydrogen
  • Alleviate global warming by reducing the carbon footprint
  • Resource recovery and new materials 

Successful application:

  • Development of novel ‘winged’ solar concentrator with tube reactor for biomass conversion with boost thermal efficiency up to 25% at 150C
  • CFD modelling indicate that full scale system can produce ~0.45kg of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural per day with average daily solar input 5kWh/m2

Biomass conversion reactor


ARENA project - A zero-emission tandem array for transforming biomass into renewable hydrogen


  • A/Prof Jason Scott
  • A/Prof Dawei Wang
  • Dr Nick Bedford
  • Scientia Prof Rose Amal


Highlighted publications:


  • Origin Water International Pty Ltd;
  • Apricus Energy Pty Ltd