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Solar hydrogen evolution using a CuGaS2 photocathode improved by incorporating reduced graphene oxide
1 April 2015

The effectiveness of reduced graphene oxide (RGO) in water reduction on a CuGaS2 photocathode was demonstrated.

Peng Wang
1 April 2015

Congratulations Ms Peng Wang for successful completion of her PhD thesis titled 'Anodized Cuprous Oxide Photocathodes for Solar Energy Conversion'.

J. Mater. Chem. B., 2014, 2, 2060-2083
13 March 2015

Our article titled “Nanoparticle-protein corona complexes govern the biological fates and functions of nanoparticles” is one of the 30 most accessed articles in Journal of Materials Chemistry B... read more

Women in Science - Professor Rose Amal talks about Sustainable Fuels from the Sun

Rose Amal - Sustainable Fuels from the Sun

Rose Amal is a Chemical Engineer and a Scientia Professor at the School of Chemical Engineering at UNSW. In this video, she talks about what motivates her to do research and her passion in securing sustainable energy. With a funding of $2.4 million over 5 years, she and her team will transform greenhouse gases (CO2) to produce liquid fuels using catalyst and energy from the sun.

Dr Yun Hau Ng

Dr Yun Hau Ng

Dr Yun Hau Ng is a lecturer in the School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW. He completed a PhD in Chemistry with the Research Center for Solar Energy Chemistry at Osaka University (Japan) in 2009 and with the GCOE-Japan Fellowship, he went to the Radiation Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame (USA) to study photoelectrochemistry of charge transfer/interaction in semiconductors. He joined the Particle and Catalysis Research Group in 2011.