Resources and Facilities

The Particles and Catalysis Research Group is housed in the 6 star rating (Energy Efficient) Tyree Energy Technology building within the UNSW Kensington campus. It is equipped with modern laboratories and specialised equipment and techniques for material synthesis; an array of state-of-the-art instrument for particle and material characterisation, as well as photoreactor and reactor system for testing photocatalyst and catalyst performance. We are also co-located with UNSW’s Analytical Centre, and possess full access to their nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectroscopy, solid state and surface analysis, and electron microscopy facilities.


Instrument Booking and Training

Our laboratories are equipped with state of the art equipment for particle synthesis and characterisation, advanced analytical instruments as well as variety of catalysis rig and photo-electrocatalyst reactor. It is MANDATORY for new user to be trained before getting access to the instrument/gear. The following table summarize the instrument/equipments and its current authorized trainer, or download the pdf copy here.


New Trainer (2018)

Ultrasonic probe

Dr Victor Wong (Victor), Dr Kuang-Hsu Wu (Tim) and Cuiyang


Qingran (Channing) and Jing Lin


Victor, Ali Asghar Esmailpour Valmazouyi (Ali)

UV Vis Cary (liquid) – out of action

Victor, Ali

UV Vis NIR (solid)

Dr Roong Jien Wong (RJ) and Dr Tze Hao Tan, and Constantine

Malvern Zetasizer

Ali  and Dr May Lim (May)


A/Prof Jason Scott (Jason) and Dr Emma Lovell (Emma)

Potentiostat - Autolab

Dr Yun Hau Ng and Wu Hao, Zhirun

Potentiostat – CHI instrument

Dr Xunyu Lu and Daiyan


Jason and Emma


Jason and Victor

Muffle furnaces

Zhipeng, Xinxin

Horizontal tube furnaces (Carbolite)


Horizontal tube furnaces (old Labec)


Horizontal tube furnaces (new Labec)


Oven (including glove training)

Tim and Xiaofeng and Farhan

Rotary Evaporator

Victor and May

Anodisation unit

Zhipeng, RJ

Horiba PL

RJ and Jing Lin

Auto pipettes


pH meter

supervisor, Phoebe, Ali

Temperature controlled hot plate and stirrer



supervisor, Xiaofeng and Tri

Ultrasonic water bath


Catalysis Rig (exisiting or new set up)

Jason and Victor

Cake cutting

Zhirun, Huabo


Xinxin, Chen Deng, Bingqiao, Sana, Tim Zuhrer(new student)

Gases/Liq nitrogen

Farhan, Bingqiao, Bruce, Yoshi, Tim Zuhrer (new student), Huabo

MQ water


Consumables – CHEM STORE including buckets and chemical drums

Xinxin, Huabo, Bingqiao, Sana, William Lai (new student)

Consumables – EXT

Xinxin, Huabo, Bingqiao, Sana,

Fume cupboard

Yoshi andStephanie Chua (new student)


Jonathan and Emma

Our instruments are currently not available for new external users outside Particle and Catalysis Research Group, unless it is on a collaborative project or with prior agreement with staff/academics in PARTCAT group. If you would like to use our instruments, charges will be applied to reimburse the technical staff time, consumables and chemicals used. For general enquiries about working in our laboratory or how to access the facilities, please contact Mandalena Hermawan.

Click here to access online equipment booking (note: only for authorised user).