Undergraduate Scholarships

The Taste of Research program was set-up by UNSW Engineering to allow undergraduate students to work with a research group to understand what real research is about at university and in industry.

The program gives second and third year students the chance to do a 45 days project with an existing research team within the Faculty and receive a tax exempt allowance of about $5000 in total period of 45 days projects. It is also a possibility for students to continue the TOR project for thesis A.

There are various projects on offer each year. To visit the full lists go to Faculty's webpage: Taste of Research Scholarships page

The program is open to local and international students who meet the following criteria:

  • Be a high achieving second or third year undergraduate student enrolled in a full-time program
  • Be enrolled in a relevant program at UNSW
  • Submit an online application form

Receive $5,000 in total period of 45 days projects (tax exempt)
UNSW Engineering students may use their Taste of Research Scholarship to contribute towards their industrial training (up to 6 weeks)

Each applicant will be assessed on the basis of academic merit, interest in undertaking research activities, and intended career plans. Shortlisted candidates will be required to attend an interview before being made an offer.


The scholarships are available in a variety of research areas for a period of 45 days.

How to Apply
TOR Applications open now  (open from 24th April 2019)

See list of projects offered in 2019.

To find out more about doing TOR research in Particle and Catalyst Research Group and how to apply for TOR scholarships, contact: Mandalena Hermawan (Partcat's contact) or Alman Yeung (TOR Engineering's contact)


PartCat Taste of Research Project for 2019

The following projects are offered for this round of TOR: 

Please contact supervisor directly if you would like more information and to find out best way to apply.

Note most of these projects can be continued as Honour Thesis project. A great way to start ahead of your peers while gaining Industrial Training!