• Dr Ali Ashgar Esmailpour (Understanding the Role of Oxygen Vacancies in Catalytic Ozonation Process to Degrade Organic Pollutants)
  • Dr Xiaofeng Zhu (Oxygen electrocatalysis study on carbon-based single atomic catalysts for zinc-air batteries)


  • Dr Qingran Zhang (Electrochemical Energy Conversion Systems based on Oxygen Catalysis: A Development of Electrocatalysts)


  • Dr Salina Jantarang (Altering the Properties of Metal Oxide Supports for Nickel Catalysts for the Photothermal Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation to Methane)
  • Dr Wu Hao - Joint supervision (Surface Coating of Nanostructured Thin Films for Photo(electro)catalytic Applications)
  • Dr Hoi Ying Chung - Joint supervision (Development of Efficient Bismuth Tungstate for Photocatalytic and Photoelectrochemical Reactions)


  • Dr Jonathan Horlyck - Joint supervision (The challenges of Co/Al catalyst synthesis via flame spray pyrolysis: preventing the formation of the Co aluminate spinel)
  • Rui Chen, Master - Novel transition metal-carbon catalysts for CO production from CO2 electroreduction
  • Dr Rahman Daiyan - Reduction of CO2 into value added chemicals and fuel
  • Dr Xiao Kefeng - Joint supervision (Tungstic acid linked pernigraniline (TALP) a two-dimensional conductive hybrid framework capable of intercalative charge storage)
  • Dr Xuelian Wu - Joint supervision (Bi2MoO6-based semiconductor for photocatalytic water oxidation: strategies for improving the performance)
  • Dr Cuiying Toe - Joint supervision (Stabilising the unstable oxide photocatalysts)
  • Dr Yuan Wang (Porous metal oxides and supported noble metal catalysts for methane oxidation and CO2 methanation)
  • Dr Sina Moradi (Assessment and modelling of chloramine residual decay in drinking water)
  • Dr Hendra Saputera Wibawa (Promoting catalytic oxygen activation by UV-light pre-treatment approach)


  • Dr Cameron J Fletcher (CO2 as a sustainable feedstock for the production of valuable chemicals: mechanism determination and heterogeneous catalyst development)
  • Dr Shi Nee Lou (Development of Molybdenum-based oxide for light energy conversion and storage


  • Dr Huiling Tan (Understanding and improving the charge kinetics of BiVO4)
  • Dr Roong Jien Wong (Probing light pre-treatment of Au-based catalysts as a means of promoting catalytic oxygen activation)
  • Dr Tze Hao Tan (De-coupling Thermal and Photo-Illumination Effects Induced by Hybrid Semiconductor-Plasmonic Catalysts during Oxidative and Reductive Reactions)
  • Dr Ee Teng Kho (Capturing the attributes of reducible oxides for steam reforming and methanation reactions)
  • Dr Emma Lovell (Closing the carbon loop: Activating Ni-based catalysts for the carbon dioxide reforming of methane)
  • Dr Vita Wonoputri (Development of Copper Based Material System for Generating Nitric Oxide to Control Nitrifying Bacterial Biofilms)


  • Dr Ayu Liana Ekajanthi (Controlled Fabrication of Bacteriophage Based Interfaces:  Understanding and Applications)
  • Dr Yiming Tang (Development of Sulphide Semiconductor Electrodes for Visible Light Conversion)
  • Dr Peng Wang (Anodized Cuprous Oxide Photocathodes for Solar Energy Conversion)
  • Dr Lipson Chin (Synthesis of Silica Hollow Nanomaterials for Biomedical Applications)


  • Dr Mega Ng (Characterisation and Removal of Natural Organic Matter in Drinking Water Treatment)


  • Dr Wenny Irawaty (Insights into photocatalytic Oxidation by Bare and Platinised TiO2: the Impact of Adding Hydroxyl Functional Groups to Butanedioic Acid and Propanol)
  • Dr Hilda Wiogo (Design and Theoretical Studies of Magnetite Nanoparticles Stability in Biological Media)
  • Dr Esther Kok (The influence of alumina Supported Cobalt Catalysts on Synthetic Fuel Production)
  • Dr Roslyn Tedja (The impact of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on human lung cell lines in vitro)
  • Dr Li Yarong (Speciation and microbial transformation of chromium, arsenic and mercury in municipal landfill leachate)
  • Dr. Charlene Ng (Synthesis of tungsten oxide for solar energy conversion and water splitting applications)
  • Dr Yun Jung Ho (Flexible Hybrid Solar Cells Using CuInS2 on TiO2 Nanotubes Array)
  • Dr Kunlanan Kiatkittipong (Metal Oxide Support Morphology Effects on the Water-Gas-Shift Reaction)
  • Mr Nicholas Bell, Master (Anchoring TiO2 Nanoparticles on Graphene Sheets for Photocatalytic Light Energy Conversion)


  • Dr Ian Goon (Preparation and Functionalisation of Magnetic Gold Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications)
  • Dr Maria Arsianti (Preparation and Functionalisation of Magnetic Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery Applications)


  • Dr Andrew Sim - Hydrogen Generation from Methane Decomposition
  • Dr Frans Denny - Development and Optimisation of a Novel Optical Fibre Photoreactor for Photocatalytic Applications
  • Dr Kho Yung Kent - Design of novel nanocomposites by flame spray pyrolysis for water splitting and environmental remediation


  • Dr Wee Yong Gan - Synthesis of Synthesis of Mesoporous TiO2 Thin Films for Environmental Remediation
  • Mr Woon Shin Law - Synthesis of Nanostructured Materials for Self-Cleaning and Solar Energy Application
  • Dr Dan Li - Functionalisation of Magnetic Particles for Bioseparation
  • Dr Sanly Liu - Advanced Oxidation Processes for the Removal of Natural Organic Matter
  • Dr Richard Kydd - Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Catalysts
  • Ms Soo Li Lee, Master - Gas phase photocatalysis


  • Julie Glasscock - Nanostructured Materials for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production using Sunlight


  • A/Prof Wey Yang Teoh (Flame Spray Synthesis of Catalyst Nanoparticles for Photocatalytic Mineralisation of Organics and Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis)


  • Mr Nguyen Hoang Tran, Master (Effect of Nanosize Metal Deposits on Titanium Dioxide Photocatalysts)
  • Dr Mandalena Hermawan (An Experimental Study of the Relationship between Floc Properties and Sediment Compaction)
  • Dr Sai Wei Lam (Photocatalysis Degradation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and the Effect of Dissolved Metal Ions)
  • Dr Cissilia Djongkah (Effect of Pt and Ag Metals to the Degradation of Trichloroethylene, Etylene, Ethane, and Toluene by Gas Phase Photocatalysis)


  • Dr Peter Marsh (Simulation of orthokinetic aggregation)
  • Dr Nu Vi Nguyen (Photoreduction of Cadmium and Other Heavy Metals in Waters Using Photocatalysis)


  • Dr Kevin Foong (Floc formation in acidic beverages produced from cane sugar)
  • A/Prof. Timothy Tan (Photocatalytic reduction of selenate and selenite: Water/Wastewater treatment and the formation of nanoselenium compounds)
  • Dr Sarah Grundy (nee Watson) (Optimising the preparation of a novel magnetic photocatalyst)
  • Dr Cheryl Halim (Investigating the leaching of heavy metals from cementitious waste and contaminated soil – assessing the applicability of standard leaching procedures)
  • Dr May Lim (Computational and physical modelling of floc behaviour in a vortex separator)


  • Dr Veronica Vamathevan (The role of silver deposits on titania in the photocatalytic oxidation of organics in aqueous media)


  • Dr Metta Penpolcharoen (Titania Coated Hematite Particles)
  • Prof. Cordelia Selomulya (Development of an integrated model to assess system performance in solid-liquid separation)


  • Dr Daniel Woodfield (Aggregate behaviour in Hydrocyclones)
  • Dr Ken Chiang (Catalysts for the photocatalytic remediation of toxic cyanidation waste)


  • Dr Donia Friedman (nee Beydoun) (The development of a novel magnetic photocatalyst: preparation, characterisation and implication for organic degradation in aqueous system)
  • Mr Isaac Tsui, Master (The dewatering of coal slurry)
  • Dr Jing Guan (Implications of floc structure to solid-liquid separation processes in waste water treatment)


  • Dr Graeme Bushell (Studying the primary particle polydispersity in fractal aggregates)