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At PartCat, we're driven by the belief that great leaps in science come from daring to think differently about tomorrow's possibilities. We don’t just respond to the world's challenges—we're committed to transforming them into opportunities.


By aligning with PartCat, you become a key player in a brighter, more sustainable future. Our joint efforts in research are a beacon for change, leading to breakthroughs in environmental solutions, renewable energy, and healthcare innovations.



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Your active involvement with PartCat is a powerful catalyst for progress. It's not only about supporting research; it's about creating a legacy. With every action you take, whether funding a project, participating in our events, or sharing expertise, you help us leverage the transformative potential of catalysis for vital applications. This is your opportunity to be part of a movement where science meets purpose, where every discovery is a step toward a better world.


Be the spark that fuels the next major innovation by collaborating with PartCat today.


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If you would like to support our research projects, sponsor one of our events, or show your generosity in another way, please contact us or take a look at the information on the Giving to UNSW website.


Supporters are welcome to participate more directly in our events by engaging as a presenter on a topic relevant to the Particle and Catalysis Research Lab’s interests. Contact us with your interests and ideas.

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