The PartCat Lab offers diverse opportunities for individuals passionate about contributing to cutting-edge advancements in energy transition. Students can engage with us by participating in summer internships or completing an honour thesis project with us.

A range of PhD projects are available for aspiring researchers who seek to foster both personal and academic growth and be supervised and mentored by our experienced researchers, gaining hands-on insights into the complexities of innovative energy research.

We welcome collaboration and encourage professionals to join our team, working collectively to accelerate the energy transition through groundbreaking and impactful research. By uniting academia and industry, we aim to create a dynamic environment where individuals can contribute their expertise to drive positive change in the realm of sustainable energy solutions.

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Explore our dynamic portfolio of industry projects that showcase our research group's commitment to driving innovation and making a lasting impact in the field of sustainable energy. From pioneering solutions for Power-to-X technologies to transformative studies on hydrogen applications, our ongoing and successfully completed projects reflect our dedication to addressing real-world challenges.

Join us on a journey of discovery as we collaborate with industry partners, shaping the future of energy transition through applied research and the pursuit of sustainable solutions. Stay informed about our latest achievements and ongoing initiatives that underscore our group's expertise, bridging the gap between academia and industry for a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape.

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Our collaborators