Carbon-based absorbent material for environmental remediation

Project Summary:
The combined property of large surface area and superoleophilicity/superhydrophobicity of nanomaterials is highly desirable for removing contaminants in environmental remediation. This project aims to develop carbon-based absorbent material such as activated carbon or graphene foams which can selectively remove oil or organic waste from water at a high capacity. The carbon-based material will also be synthesized from waste carbon-containing precursors (such as coffee ground), thus completing the carbon cycle in the environment. The open PhD project will include, but not limited to, the following activities:
• Conversion of waste carbon precursor into carbon-based absorbent material
• Removal of oil or organic contaminants using carbon-based absorbent material
• Structural investigation and environment evaluation of carbon-based absorbent material

Key techniques: (projects can be adjusted based on interest and experi¬ence) carbon nanomaterial, absorbent, environmental remediation, superoleophilicity, superhydrophobicity

Dr Zhaojun Han, Email 

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