Dry CO2 reforming of Methane


Competitive Advantage:

  • Highly active methane dry reforming catalyst based on cheap active metals (Ni and Co) which can be synthesised rapidly in a single step method, and is readily scalable;
  • High conversion of methane (up to 90%) is achievable at a relatively low operating temperature of 700°C;
  • Catalyst support (using SiO2 and Al2O3) modification to enhance catalyst stability


  • Alleviate global warming by conversion of CO2 and methane into synthetic fuels
  • Large scale production of active and stable catalyst

 Successful Applications:

  •  The construction and commissioning of a Flame Spray Pyrolysis reactor to fabricate high surface area metal oxides and catalysts

Capabilities and facilities:

  • Access to expertise and state-of-the-art facilities for catalyst synthesis for large scale roduction;
  • Characterisation and testing of catalyst performance;
  • In-situ testing to understand conversion mechanisms;
  • Advanced expertise in the design, development and testing of cost-effective dry reforming catalysts for the conversion of common greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane) into syngas.


  • Dr Emma Lovell
  • A/Prof Jason Scott
  • Scientia Prof Rose Amal