Novel hybrid electrode materials for energy storage devices

Project summary

Hybrid materials play an important role in current clean energy research, as they show large surface area, excellent electrical conductivity, and ease in defect engineering and surface functionalisation. A range of energy storage devices, including supercapacitors and batteries, are increasingly employing hybrid materials for enhanced electrochemical performance.

This project will aim to develop a new series of hybrid electrode materials with controllable features, such as size, doping, porosity and functional groups, using a variety of available techniques. These materials will then be employed in supercapacitors for enhancing both energy and power densities. The project will include the following activities: 

  • Design and fabricate hybrid materials for supercapacitor electrodes.
  • Electrochemical performance evaluation of supercapacitor using the hybrid material electrodes.
  • Understand the charge storage mechanism using tools such as electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM). 
Hybrid and doped carbon electrodes

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