Group Seminar

Our group seminar is held every fortnight where postgraduate student or postdoctoral researcher is given opportunity to present his/her research. In addition to group seminar, we also run a 3 minute presentation each fortnite, where two presenters are presenting the significance of their research to audience. Anyone is welcome to attend the seminar. Whether you are a staff, PhD student or Undergrad student, we are keen to hear about your research.

Please contact Cuiying Toe to be included in the seminar.

Partcat Group Seminar Schedule for T1 and T2 - 2020

Group seminar will be every fortnite, on Friday, 2 - 3 pm - online

DATE Group Seminar 3MP - Presenter 1 3MP - Presenter 2

1st May 2020

Mengying Yu

Huabo Liu Bingqiao Xie

15th May 2020

Bijil Subash Xiaofeng Zhu Zhipeng Ma

29th May 2020

Md Zubair Ali Esmailpour

 Tim Zurrer

12th June 2020

Jing Sun Stephanie Chua  William H Lie

26 June 2020

Shujie Zhou  Junjie Jiang  Constantine Tsounis

10th July 2020

Sana Ullah Colin Peng Mengying Yu

24th July 2020

 UG thesis B  UG thesis B  UG thesis B
7th August 2020  Xiaofeng Zhu  Bijil Subash  Jing Sun
 21st August 2020  Ali Esmailpour  Shujie Zhou  Md Zubair