Hydrogen production with high-density single-atom catalyst (SAC)

Project Summary:
Single-atom catalyst (SAC) for hydrogen generation via the electrochemical route has attracted large interest in recent years. However, the mass loading of SAC is often limited to a low level, hindering the overall hydrogen production rate in the electrochemical system. Increasing the precursor concentration during the preparation of SAC does not simply lead to a high loading as single atoms tend to form metal clusters or nanoparticles owing to the strong metal-metal interactions. This PhD project aims to use catalyst support materials, especially carbon nanomaterials, to improve the mass loading of SAC in electrochemical hydrogen generation. The project will focus on (i) engineering the defective or other anchoring sites on carbon supports for SACs, (ii) studying the catalytic performance of high-loading SACs in the water splitting process for hydrogen generation, and (iii) investigating the underlying mechanism of active sites using theoretical methods such as density functional theory (DFT).

Key techniques: (projects can be adjusted based on interest and experi¬ence) single-atom catalyst, hydrogen production, carbon nanomaterials, water splitting, density functional theory

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