Postgraduate Research Projects

Please find below a list of research projects available for students interested to do Master by Research or Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D) in PARTCAT group. Please note that all Master/Ph.D student candidates must have current scholarships or are applying for scholarships to support their studies. A range of scholarships are available for domestic and international students (from $28,854 per annum (tax free) in 2022). Top-up scholarship is available for high achieving candidate - please enquiry within.

For full information on any of the following projects or if you are interested with any of our research, please contact corresponding supervisors as outlined in the project.

Past PhD projects in the group:

If you are unsure which project is most suitable for you, but would like to join PARTCAT research group, please send/email your resume, academic transcript and proof of English proficiency to Scientia Prof Rose Amal at or 

To check on your eligibility for admission and competitivenes for scholarship, please do the HDR Self Assessment available on: (Note: Course code: 1010 for PhD in Chemical Engineering)

Top Up Scholarship maybe available for high achieving candidate. Please enquiry within.