Power to Syngas – Closing the carbon loop
Power to Syngas

Competitive Advantage:

  • High performing catalyst for favourable CO2 reduction reactions at low applied overpotentials
  • The electrochemical CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR) can be carried out at ambient conditions by applying an external bias;
  • Possibility to couple with electricity generated from renewable energy resources to close the carbon loop;
  • Simple, scalable and cost-effective catalysts for CO2RR in the gas phase to deliver liquid products



  • Alleviate global warming by direct conversion of CO2 into high value liquid products;
  • Creation of a sustainable cycle of carbon-based fuel that will promote zero net CO2 emissions


Successful Applications:

  • Mesoporous tin oxide (SnO2) electrocatalyst for large scale conversion of CO2 to formate with high selectivity and current density
Electrolyzer for Syngas production

Capabilities and facilities:

  • Access to expertise and state-of-the-art facilities for electrocatalyst fabrication, characterisation and testing of performance;
  • Expertise in the direct conversion of carbon dioxide into high value liquid products, which is important for combating climate changes and energy efficiency challenges.



  • Dr Xunyu Lu
  • Dr Rahman Daiyan
  • Scientia Prof Rose Amal


Highlighted Publications: