Daiyan Rahman

Research Fellow
School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW Sydney
Contact details:

TETB, room 307


Doctor of Philosophy 2015 –2018, University of New South Wales
Thesis Title: Reduction of Carbon Dioxide into Value Added Chemicals and Fuel

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering 2011- 2014, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Thesis title: Highly Stable and Efficient Double Perovskite for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells


Research Interest:

My research direction is to explore artificial photosynthesis through the development of inexpensive and scalable nanomaterials and high throughput systems to tackle climate change (Carbon dioxide reduction) as well as to promote alternate fuels (hydrogen production). 


Honours and Awards:

  • Postdoctoral Writing Fellowship 2018
  • Finalist, UNSW Postgraduate Research Symposium 2018
  • Winner, Faculty of Engineering 3MT Round. 2018
  • Finalist, AMP Amplify Ignite 2017
  • Australia National Semi-finalist FameLab 2017
  • Top-up Scholarship for Research Excellence 2017
  • UNSW TFS Scholarship 2015- 2018
  • Merit Award, Outstanding Engineering Project Award, JEC 2014
  • Semi-finalists, President’s Cup HKUST 2014
  • Champion, IMechE 2nd Greater China Design Competition 2013
  • HKUST Academic Excellence Award 2013
  • HKUST University Scholarship 2011- 2014



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