Jason Scott

Associate Professor, Deputy Leader and Team leader of Catalysis
Chemical Engineering
Contact details:
+61 2 9385 7361
+61 2 9385 5966

Tyree Energy Technology Building (H6) Level 3, Room 346 Kensington Campus


Dr Jason Scott is an Associate Professor, a Deputy Leader and also the Team Leader of Catalysis project in the Particle and Catalysis Research Group. He joined the PartCat group in 2002 and has gained extensive experience in particle fabrication, photocatalysis and heterogeneous catalysis. He also has a strong interest in developing sustainable technologies to address the challenges in securing Australian and the world's future energy resources and to tackle environmental pollution. His research focused on developing new materials, heterogeneous catalysis, and photocatalysis for environmental remediation and energy application. Dr Scott also has extensive experience in solid waste management, particularly in assessing the suitability of solid wastes for disposal at landfill and the use of refined leaching procedure.

Jason Scott have succesfully supervised/co-supervised 9 PhD students and 6 Masters student in the field of catalysis/photocatalysis and solid waste management. Currently he has supervises/co-supervises 10 PhD and 1 Masters students, and also supervises 25-30 undergraduate students (Honors thesis projects) over the past few years. He has been asked regularly to examine PhD theses in the photocatalysis area and requested to review papers from various international journals including Environmental Science and Technology, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A, Journal of Nanoparticle Research and others pertaining to materials, catalysis and photocatalysis. He is also ARC International Reader over the period 2007 - 2015. Dr Jason Scott has an H-index of 37, published 3 book chapters and co-authored 53 refereed journal articles. For Dr Jason Scott's full list of publication, click here

Competitive Grants and Leadership

Dr Scott was a Lead Investigator in a 4 year Australian Coal Association Research Program (ACARP) Project (2008 - 2012) and also a Project Manager for a 2 year CRC-WMPC project that successfully scaled up particle preparation and applicatin of a magnetic phototocatalyst for water treatment. He is also CI on the following ARC grants:

DP140102581: Design and exploration of novel p-block materials for solar energy conversion (amount: $520K)
DP110101638: Engineering Nanostructured Graphene based Semiconductor Photocatalysts (amount: $460K)
LP0990840: Volatile Organic Compound removal from indoor air environments by an integrated photocatalytic/filtration system (amount: $165K)
LX0882654: Optical fibre photoreactor for removing airborne molecular contaminants and volatile organic carbons for semiconductor fabrication and fuel cell applications
LE100100128 High performance analytical tools to strengthen clean energy research
LE100100098 Advanced facility for next generation sustainable energy, biomedical and nano-imaging optical fibre technologies
LE0989986 Hybrid Fourier Transform Dispersive Raman Micro-Spectrometer
LE0775548 Advanced characterisation facilities for functional nanostructured materials



Professional Activities

  • Dr Scott has presented his research findings at over 15 national and international conferences and has been Invited speaker at a number of international conferences, including the 6th International Conference of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (AMN6), Auckland New Zealand, 11 - 15 Feb 2013, UNSW-POSTECH Workshop on Energy and Materials, Pohang (2009), 33rd Review Meeting of University of Minnesota Centre for Filtration (2008)
  • Dr Scott also actively involved in the organisation of International Conferences such as the 17th International Conference on Photochemical Conversion and Storage of Solar Energy (IPS17) held in Sydney, 2008; CHEMECA 2011 in Sydney and CHEMECA 2012 in New Zealand (organiser for the David Trimm Catalysis Award)

Top Ten Publications

  1. Kydd, R., Teoh, W.-Y., Wang, Y., Wong, K., Zeng, Q.-H., Scott, J., Yu, A.-B., Zou, J., Amal R., ‘Flame synthesised ceria-supported copper dimers for the preferential oxidation of CO’, Adv. Funct. Mater. 2009, 19,369-377. [IF: 11.210, cited 39]
  2. Teoh, W.Y., Scott, J.A., Amal, R., ‘Progress in heterogeneous photocatalysis: From classical radical chemistry to engineering nanomaterials and solar reactors (Perspective)’, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2012, 3, 629-639. [IF: 6.910, cited 85]
  3. Kam, R., Selomulya, C., Amal, R., Scott, J., ‘The influence of La doping on the activity and stability of Cu/ZnO catalyst for the low temperature water-gas shift reaction’, J. Catal. 2010, 273, 73-81. [IF: 6.423, cited 31]
  4. Kiatkittipong, K., Ye, C., Scott, J., Amal, R., ‘Understanding hydrothermal titanate nanoribbon formation’, Cryst. Growth Des. 2010, 10, 3618-3625. [IF: 4.727, cited 37]
  5. Young, C., Lim, T.M., Chiang K., Scott, J., Amal, R., ‘Photocatalytic oxidation of toluene and trichloroethylene in the gas-phase by metallised (Pt, Ag) titanium dioxide’, Appl. Catal. B: Environ. 2008, 78, 1-10. [IF: 6.423, cited 64]
  6. Kydd, R., Ferri, D., Hug, P., Scott, J., Teoh, W.Y., Amal, R., ‘Temperature-induced evolution of reaction sites and mechanisms during preferential oxidation of CO’, J. Catal. 2011, 277, 64-71. [IF: 6.423, cited 21]
  7. Denny, F., Permana, E., Scott, J., Wang, J., Pui, D., Amal, R., ‘An integrated photocatalytic filtration array for indoor air quality control’, Environ. Sci. Technol. 2010, 44, 5558-5563. [IF: 6.277, cited 16]
  8. Watson, S., Beydoun, D., Scott, J. and Amal, R., ‘The effect of preparation methods on the photocatalytic activity of crystalline TiO2 particles’, Chem. Eng. J. 2003, 95, 213-220. [IF: 4.181, cited 101]
  9. Watson, S., Beydoun, D., Scott, J. and Amal, R., ‘Preparation of nanosized crystalline TiO2 particles at low temperature for photocatalysis’, J. Nanopart. Res. 2004, 6, 193-207. [IF: 2.927, cited 112]
  10. Coleman, H.M., Marquis, C.P., Scott, J.A., Chin, S-S., Amal, R., ‘Bactericidal effects of titanium dioxide based photocatalysts’, Chem. Eng. J. 2005, 113, 55-63. [IF: 4.181, cited 81]

Full publications available from: https://scholar.google.com.au/citations?hl=en&user=vd6r8O0AAAAJ&view_op=list_works&sortby=pubdate