World Changers

The career and lives of PARTCAT alumni are diverse, fascinating and inspiring. Many of our past students have great achievements through their chosen professions, and we are very proud of them and would like to congratulate these individuals.

Here, we will feature just a snap shot of some of our alumni who are ‘world-changers’ or on the way to make their mark in Australia and around the world.



Professor Cordelia Selomulya

Professor, Monash University, Australia

Assoc. Professor Timothy Tan

Associate Professor, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore

Assoc. Professor Wey Yang Teoh

Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Dr Jason Scott

Senior Research Fellow, UNSW, Australia

Dr May Lim

Lecturer, UNSW, Australia

Dr Kunlanan Kiatkittipong

Lecturer, King Mongkut University, Thailand

Dr Roslyn Tedja

Assoc Research Scientist, Yale School of Medicine, USA

Dr Ken Chiang

Research Team Leader, CSIRO



Dr Cheryl Halim

Senior Associate Environmental Engineer. Coffey International, Australia

Dr Li Yarong

Team Leader, Chemical Forensics Unit, Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW)

Dr Richard Kydd

Manager at Partners in Performance, Australia

Dr Nguyen Nu Hoai Vi

Division Director at Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety, Vietnam


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