Research Highlights

Research highlights showcased

This section showcases our group's recent research highlights. From reporting our novel findings, we have made the frontispiece of high impact journals and our research has been crowned as the ‘hot article', ‘most read/accessed’ and 'editor's choice'.

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Photoelectrochemical water oxidation using a Bi2MoO6/MoO3 heterojunction photoanode synthesised by hydrothermal treatment of an anodised MoO3 thin film

This paper reports a new method to prepare a ternary oxide thin film from a simple oxide.

Meso-Molding Three-Dimensional Macroporous Perovskites: A New Approach to Generate High-Performance Nanohybrid Catalysts

This paper reports the newly designed 3D highly ordered macro/mesoporous multifunctional La1–xCexCoO3 nanohybrid frameworks with a 2D hexagonal mesostructure fabricated via facile meso-molding in

DOI: 10.1021/acsami.5b07971

The presence of surviving microbes in the water distribution system lead to the biofilms formation, which will reduce the efficacy of  disinfection, increase pipe corrosion and adversely affect pipe hydraulic.

Enhanced visible-light-induced charge separation and charge transport in Cu2O-based photocathodes by urea treatment

Much attempt have been reported on the effects of nitrogen treatment on the structural, optical and electrical properties of Cu2O films.


Percolating carbon nanoparticles were added into electrolyte to improve the performance of Li–S batteries.

DOI: 10.1002/adma.201501452

Comparing with the traditional porous carbons, two dimensional porous carbon (TDPC) sheets with interlinked hierarchical porous structure are ideal structures due to their advantages in high aspect ratio for electrode packing and electron transpor

J. Material Chemistry A 2015, 3(30), 15675-15682

The works presented here demonstrated a simple, low cost and controllable strategy to prepare TiO2-deposited RGO sheets using 3D porous polyurethane sponge as a template leading to homogeneous deposition of small TiO2 nanoparticles on RGO sheets.

Chem Eng Science 2015, 3, 301-307

CO2 is becoming a promising carbon source for the sustainable chemical manufacturing of hydrocarbon fuels and their derivatives such as formic acid, acetic acid, formaldehyde, methanol, CO, and CH4etc.

Frequency-regulated Pulsed Electrodeposition of CuInS2 on ZnO Nanorod Arrays as Visible Light Photoanodes

The latest development of photoactive thin film often resulting in the anisotropic formation of wide ban gap oxide nanostructure on the flat surface.


2-3 nm fine metal nanoparticles (Au, Pt and alloyed Au-Pt) with a narrow size distribution were deposited on active TiO2 through a facile chemical reduction method.